2023 Authors & Illustrators

Exit 13: The Spaces In Between

by James Preller

Try as they might, the McGinn family can’t seem to escape from the clutches of the EXIT 13 Motel. Other guests come and go, totally unaware of the fact that Ash, Willow, and the rest of their family aren’t able to leave, no matter how hard they try. New guests, new frights, and new animals in need of saving mean that the McGinn siblings – and Daisy the goldendoodle – have their work cut out for them. Can they get to the bottom of it all before the Motel closes its doors on them, once and for all? Return to the weird and creepy world of EXIT 13 in this hair-raising sequel. Whether you’re a fan of mystery, a lover of horror, or even a graphic novel super reader, EXIT 13 is sure to grab you. This illustrated novel — the second in the series — includes black-and-white comic pages throughout!


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