2018 Participating Authors

Following is a list of the distinguished authors and illustrators who attended the 2018 Festival.  It was an honor to welcome them to Warwick!  Check back here as we update the list for 2019.

Tony Abbott

This "realistic ghost story" about twin brothers Matt and Denis Egan -- one alive, one passed on -- and their journey to comprehend Denis's mysterious death has been called "a brutally moving and deeply layered story full of heart and hope." It's about family and loss, and the deep bonds that death cannot sever.
Tony Abbott has witten many books for children aged 6-14, including The Secrets of Droon and The Copernicus Legacy series, and the novels Firegirl, The Postcard and Lunch-Box Dream. His latest books are The Summer of Owen Todd and Denis Ever After. Tony has been on the faculty of Lesley University's MFA in Creative Writing and is a frequent conference speaker and school visitor. His books have earned the Golden Kite and Edgar Awards.
Paul Acampora

Ellie Magari just learned that her mother is dead. Perhaps that would be sad if Ellie had ever met the woman. Exactly who was Ellie's mom? And now that she's gone, what does that mean for Ellie? Fueled by the bighearted sounds of '80s rock 'n roll, Confusion Is Nothing New is a drama and comedy about family mysteries, marching band friends, the perfect pizza - and about girls who understand it's good to make things, but breaking things is OK, too.
Paul Acampora writes novels and short stories for young readers. Kids, parents and critics praise his work for its laugh-out-loud humor, rollicking dialogue and heartfelt storytelling. Paul is a popular writing workshop leader for schools, libraries and conferences. His works have been named to the Texas Bluebonnet Award Master List and similar recognition on State lists in Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky and Louisiana. He lives in Allentown, PA.
Sarah Albee

A history of the human/dog relationship from ancient times to the present.Sarah Albee writes non-fiction books for kids in grades K-9. Recent and forthcoming books include Dog Days of History; Poison: Deadly Deeds, Perilous Professions, and Murderous Medicines; Bugged: How Insects Changed History and Poop Happened: A History of the World from the Bottom Up. Her works have earned multiple starred reviews and honors from ALA, Bank Street (Best Books List), and have won Eureka Awards in California.
Nora Raleigh Baskin

Ask anyone: September 11, 2001 was serene and lovely -- a perfect day, until a plane struck the World Trade Center. But right now it is a few days earlier and four kids in different parts of the country are going about their lives. These four don't know each other, but their lives are about to intersect in ways they never could have imagined. Nora Raleigh Baskin is the author of thirteen novels for young readers and a contributor to two story collections. She has won several awards including the ALA Schneider Family Book Award and the ILA Notable Books for a Global Society award. Nora has taught creative writing to both children and adults for over fifteen years. Her latest book, Nine,Ten: A 9/11 Story was published in summer 2016 to multiple starred reviews.
Laura Geringer Bass

When Briana's father dies, she imagines she has a new heart growing inside her. It speaks to her in her dad's voice. Some of its commands are mysterious. "Find her!" it says. "Be your own!" Forced by the loss of her favorite parent to see all that once was familiar with new eyes, Briana draws on her own imagination, talent, and tender, loving heart to discover a surprising path through the storm.
Laura Geringer Bass is the author of many books for children and teens, including A Three Hat Day, an ALA Notable Book and Sign of the Qin, an ALA Best Book. As publisher of the award-winning Laura Geringer Books (an imprint of HarperCollins) she collaborated with many celebrated authors and artists. She serves on the advisory board of First Book, a non-profit that has delivered over 170 million books into the hands of children in need.
Rebecca Behrens

Twelve-year-old Bea is set to spend the summer of '67 visiting her grandmother, Pidge, at her retirement community. But Pidge has a secret plan to hop a train to Kansas, where she'll finally find her long-missing sister, Amelia Earhart. Bea thinks the plan sounds a little far-fetched. But Pidge does have thirty years of mysterious letters, written in "Meelie's" unmistakeable voice, all promising to reunite. This journey might be just what Bea needs...
Rebecca Behrens lives and writes in New York, where she also works as a copy editor. She is the author of several middle grade novels (When Audrey Met Alice; Summer of Lost and Found; The Last Grand Adventure) which received critical acclaim in the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews. When Audrey Met Alice has also been optioned for film.
Artie Bennett

Q: Which dinosaur chose word power over brute force? A: The Thesaurus! Infuse dinosaurs with drollery and you have a potent combination that no youngster can resist. This unique joke-and-riddle book is packed to the raptors with more than 600 original, hysterical puns, gags, knock-knocks and jests. It will make the ultimate go-to gift for juvenile jokesters and budding paleontologists alike. You'll be laughing your triceratops off!
Artie Bennett is the executive copy editor for a children's book publisher and he writes a little on the side (but not on the backside!) He was hailed as "the Dr. Seuss of your caboose" for his much-acclaimed The Butt Book, his first "mature" book. No butts about it! He followed that up with Poopendous, then Peter Panda Melts Down. The merriment continues with 2018's release of two joke and riddle books. Find Artie in the bowels of Brooklyn.
Ariel Bernstein

Warren & Dragon is a modern-day Calvin and Hobbes-esque tale involving a dreamy boy and his vain dragon companion.
Ariel Bernstein is an acclaimed writer of picture books, chapter books and short stories who hails originally from Philadelphia and now lives with her family in New Jersey. She likes it when you pronounce her name "R-E-L" but graciously responds to it being pronounced "aerial." Her favorite snack is popcorn mixed with M&Ms.

Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty was trying to catch her usual 22 hours of sleep. First, Puppy wants to play and barks her awake. Then Baby burbles and startles her. Then the doorbell rings -- but it's a present for Kitty. A collar with a nametag - but it's misspelled! Kitty's momentarily mollified by a dish full of Chinese takeout, but she doesn't get to eat it: Puppy and Baby knock it over. Thus begins further adventures and feline foolishness with our friend with lots of catitude.
Nick Bruel is best known as the author/illustrator of the NY Times-bestselling "Bad Kitty" series. He lives in Briarcliff Manor, NY with his wife Carina, their daughter Izzy and the family's sometimes-good, sometimes-bad kitties, Esme and Rose.
Laurie Calkhoven

Meet Judy, an English Pointer who served bravely alongside her Navy crew during World War II. When her ship was sunk by the enemy, she became the only canine prisoner of war of the Japanese. Join Judy on her incredible journey from puppy to POW as she narrates her story of survival and heroism. This dog's-eye-view takes readers into the heart of the naval action of WWII and will leave you cheering for Judy and her human companions.
Laurie Calkhoven has always loved books and reading. When she got her first library card and was set free among the picture books, she learned that there were actual people who created these wonderful books on the shelves, and she decided to be one of them. Laurie loves writing about ordinary people who have the strength and talent to be extraordinary. Laurie's books have won multiple awards. She lives in NYC and can frequently be found at the library.
Alyssa Satin Capucilli

What does it take to make the perfect Halloween treat? Three hungry witches, a ghost, a goblin and a very wise little monster who knows just the trick needed. Includes a recipe for bone soup, perfect for sharing!
Alyssa Satin Capucilli is the author of Biscuit, the popular bestseller used to launch the My First I Can Read series from HarperCollins. With over 75 titles in the series and 23 million books in print, Biscuit has been deemed a modern classic and has been translated into numerous languages. Ms. Capucilli is the recipient of many awards and she has contributed to many publications. She lectures frequently at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.
Jennifer Castle

Sisters Addie and Clara have just moved to a new house in the country, where they discover that their backyard is a gateway to the enchanted realm of magical butterflies called Wishing Wings. These special butterflies have the power to make wishes come true. When a group of just-emerged butterflies -- New Blooms -- are in danger of losing their magic, Addie and Clara must team up with a pair of butterfly princesses to save them.
Jennifer Castle is the author of many books for children and teens, including Famous Friends and Together at Midnight. She lives in New York's Hudson Valley with her husband, two daughters and two striped cats, at the edge of a deep wood that's most definitely filled with magic; she just hasn't found it yet.
Ruth Chan

Georgie and his friends are all having a bad day. So this cat and his crew of adorable animals decide to do their favorite things to turn their day around. They make pickles. They try knitting. They even bake a cake…and their bad day only gets worse! Georgie and Friends learn that bad days always go away when you're with friends -- even if your head gets stuck in a pickle jar!
Ruth Chan is an illustrator and author originally from Ottawa, Canada. Prior to making children's books, she worked in education and youth development in Boston, Washington, D.C. and New York City. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Tami Charles

African-American eighth grader Vanessa Martin is glued to the TV when Vanessa Williams is crowned the first black Miss America in 1983. Inspired, Vanessa imagines her own dreams coming true, even though she might not stand a chance in her own middle school's first-ever pageant.
Former teacher. Wannabe chef. Debut author. Tami Charles writes picture books, middle grade, young adult and non-fiction, and her books have been earning starred reviews across all the trade publications. A native of Newark, NJ, Tami counts travelling and empanadas among her favorite things; spiders and raw onions, not so much.
Catia Chien

When a solitary turtle decides to make some renovations to his shell, he doesn't have a blueprint, only a dream. He starts by building a deck, then a fireplace. And a fireplace needs wood, so naturally he plants a garden. Soon, turtle can barely recognize his own shadow. Word spreads of the magical "Town of Turtle," attracting newcomers from far and wide. All are welcome in Turtle's town, where life is less lonely, if only you come out of your shell.
Catia Chien is a Brazilian-Taiwanese painter and picture book artist. Her latest title, Town of Turtle [written by Michelle Cuevas, also at WCBF!] is a tale of a lonely turtle who comes out of his shell to find friendship and community. The books celebrates diversity and inclusion.
Jay Cooper

Dexter Drabner is the most boring kid in 3rd grade….the perfect cover for a super-spy! And the mission he's just been handed may be his most dangerous yet: catching a cat burglar! On a school field trip to the museum, Dexter puts his brand-new super-secret spy skills to the test. Someone has broken into the Egyptian exhibit to steal Pharaoh Hun-Ga-Re's greatest treasure: a sacred sandwich with mysterious powers!
Jay Cooper has worked as a graphic designer of magazines, books, apparel, and advertising for two decades. He’s spent a large chunk of that time working for Broadway, where he’s created artwork and advertising for over one hundred Broadway musicals and plays. However, nothing makes him happier than returning to his literature-loving roots and writing and illustrating stories for kids. He is the author/illustrator of the Spy Next Door series and upcoming Pepper Party series from Scholastic Press (May, 2019); and the illustrator of Food Trucks!, Delivery Trucks! and the upcoming Bots series from Simon & Schuster (March, 2019).
Michelle Cuevas

When a solitary turtle decides to make some renovations to his shell, he doesn't have a blueprint, only a dream. He starts by building a deck, then a fireplace. And a fireplace needs wood, so naturally he plants a garden. Soon, turtle can barely recognize his own shadow. Word spreads of the magical "Town of Turtle," attracting newcomers from far and wide. All are welcome in Turtle's town, where life is less lonely, if only you come out of your shell.
Michelle Cuevas graduated from Williams College and holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of Virginia. She is the author of the national best-selling picture book The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles (illustrated by Erin E. Stead) and multiple other acclaimed picture books and children's novels. Her books have been translated into twenty languages. She lives in western Massachusetts.
Lucy Ruth Cummins

Stumpkin is the most handsome pumpkin on the block. He's as orange as a traffic cone! Twice as round as a basketball! He has no bad side! He's a perfect choice for a Halloween jack o' lantern. There's just one problem: Stumpkin has a stump, not a stem. And nobody seems to want a stemless jack 'o lantern for their window. As Halloween approaches, his fellow pumpkins leave, but poor Stumpkin remains. Will anyone give Stumpkin his chance to shine?
Lucy Ruth Cummins made her author-illustrator debut in 2016 with her picture book "A Hungry Lion, or A Dwindling Assortment of Animals." Her award-winning works have received starred reviews in multiple journals. Lucy is the youngest of six children. She was born in Canada (and lived in an actual log cabin!), was raised in upstate NY and currently lives with her little family in Brooklyn, NY. Her favorite food is the French fry.
Margery Cuyler

Bonaparte is a skeleton that's falling to pieces. When he plays catch, his throwing arm literally takes a flier. And eating lunch is a real jaw-dropping experience. Luckily, Bonaparte's well-meaning friends have some boneheaded ideas to help pull him together, but it's a lively, fetching pup who finally saves the day.
Margery Cuyler is the author of more than fifty books, most recently two picture books - Bonaparte Falls Apart and The Little Fire Truck. She and her husband, parents of two grown sons, live in Lawrenceville, NJ.
Jacky Davis

Lulu, a.k.a. Ladybug Girl, and her friends lend their help to a dog adoption group at a farmers' market.Jacky Davis is the writer behind the New York Times-bestselling Ladybug Girl and Black Belt Bunny series. She lives in New York's Hudson Valley with her family.
Barbara Dee

When the teachers assign seventh graders to room with their "enemies" on the field trip to Washington, DC, unconventional math nerd Tally is sure the trip will be a disaster. But rooming with "Miss Perfection" Ava reveals secrets about both girls -- including the possibility of Ava's eating disorder. Should Tally keep Ava's secret? What do you owe to someone who isn't your friend?
A former English teacher, Barbara Dee writes award-winning humorous fiction for tween girls. Her book Star Crossed was named a 2018 ALA Rainbow List Top Ten title, together with multiple other honors; likewise, Halfway Normal is on the Vermont State Dorothy Canfield Fisher list for 2018. Barbara lives in Westchester County, NY with her family and is one of the founders of the Chappaqua Children's Book Festival.
Frank Dormer

The Firefighter Duckies are brave and strong. They rescue: gorillas in chef hats! Whales in trees! Dinosaurs on bicycles! But when the emergencies requiring their attention become a little overwhelming, the Firefighter Duckies realize that they don't have to be brave and strong to be helpful and kind.
Frank Dormer is the author-illustrator of The Sword in the Stone (Atheneum), Click! (Viking), Socksquatch (Henry Holt) and The Obstinate Pen (Henry Holt), as well as the illustrator of many other books for children, including the Aggie and Ben series of easy readers (Charlesbridge), and the middle grade series (HMH), The Adventures of Jo Schmo. His most recent books, Ebenezer Has A Word for Everything, and Octopus Escapes!, are newly-released.
Jancee Dunn

Have you ever wondered what stuffed animals do while their human pals are at school? What if a teddy bear invited all his stuffed animal friends over? Imagine the wild party that might ensue, complete with jumping (a little too hard) on the bed, dressing up in Mom's clothes, sledding down a "cushion mountain" on a cookie tray....As adorable as it is raucous, this whimsical tale of freedom and fun comes to life in Scott Nash's colorful illustrations.

New York Times-bestselling author Jancee Dunn has written five books for grownups, including Cyndi Lauper's autobiography. I'm Afraid Your Teddy Is In Trouble Today is her first book for children. Jancee lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Gilbert Ford

This is a non-fiction picture book about the invention of the chocolate chip cookie. The only thing is that no one can agree on how Ruth Wakefield invented it. You'll hear three ways the cookie could have been invented and will have to decide for yourself which story is most likely true.
Gilbert Ford grew up in a family of professional photographers in Jackson, Mississippi, and moved to New York to attend Pratt Institute. After graduating, he worked as a designer and illustrator for a giftware company before setting out on his own in 2007. In 2015 he received his MFA in writing for children and young adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
Deborah Freedman

This House, Once is an introduction to the pieces of a house, a cozy story to share and explore, and a dreamy meditation on the magic of our homes and our world. This poetically simple, thought-provoking and gorgeously-illustrated book invites readers to think about where things come from and what nature provides: Before there was this house/there were stones/and mud/and a colossal oak tree - three hugs around/and as high as the blue...
Deborah Freedman was an architect once-upon-a-time, but now she loves to build worlds in picture books for children. Her books include Blue Chicken, The Story of Fish & Snail, By Mouse & Frog, Shy and most recently, This House, Once. Deborah lives in Connecticut.
Nancy Furstinger

Unstoppable features an assortment of bionic animals from around the world, all of whom make their way around with the help of prosthetics, braces, orthotics and wheelchairs. While reading these stories of perseverance and hope, readers will meet the caretakers, prosthetists, vets and loving families who help make possible the recovery of these remarkable animals, as well as glimpse the technologies helping to improve these animals' lives.
Nancy Furstinger has been speaking up for animals since she learned to talk, and she hasn't shut up yet. She is the author of nearly 100 books, including many on her favorite topic: animals! She has a menagerie of rescued pooches and house rabbits. Learn more about her dual passions - animals and writing - on her website.
Lisa Greenwald

Inspired by the success of their first birthday bucket list, Ari and her BFF Kaylan set twelve new goals for the next school year. And number one is "keep our friendship strong." But after a life-changing summer at camp, Ari feels torn between Ari and her camp friends. Ari needs to figure out how to be her best self -- before her friends come together at her thirteenth birthday party. Or the big win she and Ari were hoping for may become an epic fail.
Lisa Greenwald is the author of the Pink & Green series, the TBH series, the Friendship List books and other books for tweens and teens. She lives in New York City with her husband and two young daughters. She loves sunglasses, reading, the beach and sushi.
Mark Greenwood

In March 1942, an allied aircraft prepares for a desperate midnight flight, taking refugees to safety. Just before take-off, the pilot is entrusted with a mysterious, wax-sealed package. When the plane is shot down by the enemy and crash-lands on a remote beach, the package is forgotten -- until a beachcomber stumbles across the find of a lifetime...
Mark Greenwood is a history hunter. He enjoys searching for lost explorers and glittering treasure, delving into mysteries and solving famous cold cases. Most of all, he loves sharing the stories that he finds. His award-winning books, some of which he has created with his wife, illustrator Frane Lessac, have been enjoyed around the world. Mark's new chapter book series delves into baffling History Mysteries.
Margaret Gurevich

16-year old Chloe Montgomery has always loved everything to do with fashion. Clothes, accessories, designing -- she knows it all. And when she finds out that TeenDesign Diva, a new reality series for aspiring teenage designers, is holding auditions in her town, she's desperate to win a spot on the show. She knows this is her chance to finally get her designs noticed. But before Chloe can realize her dreams, she has to survive the competition.
Margaret Gurevich is the author of Capstone's Chloe by Design series, which is billed as Project Runway for kids. She has also written for National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids and is at work on books for Penguin's Who Was series.
Christopher Healy

Two young inventors' assistants in 1800s New York stumble upon a plot to destroy the World's Fair. No one wants to believe the children, though, especially when the evidence seems to point to one of the most famous inventors of the age.
Christopher Healy is the author of the acclaimed Hero's Guide trilogy, which is currently in development as an animated feature from Fox Animation. The first book of his new historical science-fiction trilogy, a Perilous Journey of Danger & Mayhem, is new this year. And his first picture book, This Is Not That Kind of Book, comes out in 2019. His work has been honored with multiple starred reviews and honored by both the New York Times and Amazon.
Susanna Leonard Hill

Do your monkeys get wild at bedtime? When your monkeys won't go to bed, you'll have to be smart. After you race them upstairs and trick them into the tub, it's time to convince them to get into bed. Let them pick out a good book -- or five -- and snuggle in close. But be careful, or you just might fall asleep, too!
Susanna Leonard Hill is the award-winning author of more than a dozen books for children, which have been translated into multiple languages. She teaches an online picture book writing class, offers picture book critiques and does frequent school and library visits. She lives in New York's mid-Hudson Valley with her husband, children and two rescue dogs. She loves chocolate, dogs and all things Kid Lit. Visit her on her blog at susannahill.com/blog.
Susan Hood

Fresh, accessible and inspiring, Shaking Things Up introduces fourteen revolutionary young women - each paired with a noteworthy female artist - to the next generation of activists, trailblazers and rabble-rousers.
Susan Hood has written more than 200 books, including the award-winning Ada's Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay. In a former life, Susan was a children's book and magazine editor at Scholastic, Sesame Street and Nick, Jr. Her works have received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Booklist and multiple prestigious awards. When she's not reading and writing, Susan loves kayaking, sailing and playing with her new puppy, Riley!
Katey Howes

Meet Magnolia Mudd: an inventive girl who'd rather tighten a nut and a bolt than tie a ribbon or bow. Magnolia's Uncle Jamie is the very best grown-up. He always invents cool things with her…until the day he and Miss Emily announce their engagement. That's bad enough - but even worse, Miss Emily wants Magnolia to be a flower girl! No way Magnolia's tossing petals. But Uncle Jamie's bride-to-be may be more fun than Magnolia ever imagined...
Katey Howes is proud to be a geek. She loves physics and biology, reads everything from classic children's lit to modern neuroscience and has strong opinions about commas. A former physical therapist specializing in brain injury, Katey now divides her time between writing and raising kids with a love of books. She lives in Bucks County, PA with her family and blogs about raising readers while also contributing to websites like The Nerdy Bookclub.
Amy Ignatow
The ragtag Odds crew's useless gifts have gotten out of control. Farshad's thumbs are so strong that just sending a text will break his phone, and Cookie can now send mental directions. To make matters worse, the kids have become town celebrities thanks to their exam results and a local news outlet. But Jay and Nick realize that these whiz kids' parents work for Auxano, so they race off to find out what's really going on.
Amy Ignatow is a cartoonist and the author of the Popularity Papers series of scrapbook-style illustrated novels. She is a graduate of Moore College of Art and Design and lives in Philadelphia with her huband and two children. On rare occasions, she enjoys sleeping.
Jessie Janowitz

Tristan isn't Gifted or Talented, but he's always been OK with that because he can make a perfect chocolate chip cookie and lives in the greatest city. But then his family moves to Petersville - a town with one street and no restaurants. Tristan's suspicians about Petersville are confirmed when he's tricked into believing the local general store has life-changing chocolate cream doughnuts, when in fact the owner hasn't made them in years.
Jessie Janowitz is a graduate of Princeton University's undergraduate creative writing program and holds a J.D. from University of Pennsylvania law school. She's currently enrolled in the Writing for Children MFA program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. The Doughnut Fix is her debut novel and the first book in a middle-grade series. Jessie lives in New York City with her family.
Susie Jaramillo

Susie Jaramillo is an artist, writer and mom raising 2 bilingual children. Jaramillo majored in painting and illustration at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She created the line of Canticos bilingual board books to share with the world the Latino nursery rhymes and songs she loved as a child, in a fun, interactive way.
Susie Jaramillo is an artist, a brand-builder and a mom. She is the creator of Canticos, a baby brand inspired by Latino nursery rhymes featuring bilingual board books, apps, videos and more. Canticos books have garnered star reviews from the likes of Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, Babble and many more.
Alan Katz

A father and son discuss the variety of outlandish items they might have, if not for the other in this funny, heartfelt look at the appreciation we have for our families. There are tons of things a parent or child could have, if they didn't have each other. A dad might be able to have a sleek sports car, and a son could have candy for every meal. But if they had those things, they wouldn't have each other....and they'd rather have family.
Alan Katz has been an author and TV writer for more than 30 years, during which he's written more than 30 highly acclaimed children's picture and poetry books. He is also a six-time Emmy-nominated writer for TV shows including the Rosie O'Donnell Show, the PBS series Pinkalicious, the Grammy and Tony Awards and many network specials and game shows. He's also created hundreds of comic books, commercials and more for kids and families.
Aran Kim

Yoomi hates stinky, spicy kimchi, the pickled cabbage condiment served at Korean meals. So her brothers call her a baby and refuse to play with her. Yoomie is determined to eat kimchi. She tries to disguise it by eating it on a cookie, on pizza and in ice cream. But that doesn't work. Then Grandma shows Yoomi how to make kimchi pancakes. This story about family and food has universal themes and celebrates Korean culture.
Aram Kim is a New York-based children's book author/illustrator and picture book designer. She was born in Ohio, grew up in South Korea and now lives in Queens, NY. She likes bringing a distinct South Korean flair to her works. Aram is a huge advocate for diversity in children's literature. Both of her picture books have been honored - on on the Children's Choice Reading List by ILA/CBC, and as a Junior Library Guild selection.
Leslie Kimmelman

The world is an awesome place, but sometimes, scary things happen. When they do, keep a look out for the helpers -- people who are always there to lend a hand. (Actually, in this case, they're not people at all, but an adorable menagerie of animals.) A reassuring and very timely board book.
Leslie Kimmelman is the author of dozens of popular and prize-winning children's books including We’re Amazing 1-2-3; Write On, Irving Berlin!; Here Come the Helpers! Ms. Kimmelman is an editor at Sesame Workshop and lives in New York with her family.
Colleen Rowan Kosinski

Struggling artist Maggie McConnell purchases an old tweed coat as inspiration for her artwork. The coat awakens her muse but something else as well. Maggie believes the coat is haunted. With the aid of a steampunk dressing school outcase, Maggie must help the ghost and find herself in the process.
Colleen Rowan Kosinski received her B.A. from Rutgers University and is an alumna of Moore College of Art & Design. She rediscovered her love for writing after years as a freelance fine artist. Discovering children's book writing, she had found her passion. A seeker, Colleen has explored haunted houses, visited mediums and even visited a voodoo priestess in New Orleans. She lives in NJ with her husband and pets - and no ghosts, as far as she knows.
Jackie Azua Kramer

It's a sweet bedtime battle between Little Mouse's endless excuses for his lack of sleep and his mother's loving and imaginative suggestions. A night filled with pirates, pancakes, floating among stars. Wait for yawning. And stretching. And sleepy thoughts. And drowsy eyes.....
Jackie Azua Kramer earned a Masters of Education from Queens College and has worked as an actor, singer and school counselor. Her picture book The Green Umbrella won the Parents' Choice Silver Medal and was listed among the 2017 Bank Street College Best Children's Books of the Year. Jackie has three more books in the works, set to be published in 2019 and 2020.
London Ladd

Midnight Teacher is an inspiring testament to an amazing instructor and pioneer in education. Lilly Ann Granderson's steadfast courage in the face of adversity provides an inspiring model for all who attempt to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.
London Ladd launched his career painting murals, illustrating magazine articles and album covers. His big break came when he was hired to illustrate the critically-acclaimed picture book March On! The Day My Brother Martin Changed the World (Scholastic) written by Christine King Farris, older sister of Martin Luther King, Jr. Since then, London has illustrated numerous children's books and various other projects. He lives and creates in Syracuse, NY.
Heather Lang

It was 1950, and girls did not play baseball. Kathryn Johnston was better at baseball than most boys. All she wanted was to play for a real team, but Little League coaches wouldn't let girls try out. One day, when a new team held tryouts across town, Kathryn made a big decision...
Heather Lang loves to research and write about real women who overcame extraordinary obstacles and never gave up on their dreams. When she is not writing or doing detective work for her next book, she loves to go on adventures with her husband and four children.
Tara Lazar

6 has a problem. Everyone knows that 7 is always after him. Word on the street is that 7 ate 9. If that's true, 6's days are numbered. Lucky for Him, Private I is on the case. But the facts just don't add up. It's odd. Will Private I put two and two together and solve the problem...or is 6 next in line to be subtracted?
Street magic performer. Hog-calling champion. Award-winning ice sculptor. These are all the things Tara Lazar has never been. Instead, she writes quirky, funny picture books featuring magical places. Tara runs a popular writing challenge called Storystorm, serves as a mentor for We Need Diverse Books and co-chairs the Rutgers Univ. Council on Children's Literature conference. She lives in New Jersey with her family and Ace, the world's cutest hamster.
Barbara Lehman

In this companion to the New York Times-bestselling The Red Book, a child finds a mysterious red book that leads to a unique adventure with another child, who has also found a mysterious red book! Red Again has received starred reviews from Booklist, School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and The Horn Book and is a Junior Library Guild selection. Each Red Book stands alone, but paired, they create a Mobius strip of a never-ending story.
Barbara Lehman makes children's picture books that have…no text! Just pictures, so readers can imagine their own story lines. Her works have been shown at The Art Institute of Chicago and at New York Public Library. She has shared her work with children at the Whitney Museum of American Art and at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. The Red Book was awarded a Caldecott Honor. A Pratt Institute graduate, Barbara now lives in Albany, NY.
Frane Lessac

Otsaliheliga is the Cherokee word used to express gratitude. Author Traci Sorell, of the Cherokee Nation, invites readers to journey with a Cherokee family and their tribal nation as they express thanks for celebrations big and small. Cherokee words are included throughout, presented both phonetically and written in the Cherokee syllabary. Otsaliheliga reminds us to celebrate blessings and reflect on struggles -- all year long.
Frane Lessac is an author and illustrator who has created illustrations for more than forty books. She was born in New Jersey, lived on the Caribbean island of Montserrat and later, London, before moving to Australia. Travelling is a major source of inspiration for her work. Her greatest ambition is to instill pride and self-esteem in children about their own unique heritage and their ability to capture it in pictures and words.
Steve Light

When their dad forgets his lunch box on his way to the construction site, a young brother and sister set out to take it to him, and along their way witness all the noisy, exciting action of a building site in the city. With builders building, breakers breaking and a whole host of impressive machines and vehicles hard at work, this book bursts with color and offers children plenty to enjoy.
Steve Light grew up in an enchanted place known as New Jersey. He went on to study Illustration at Pratt Institute. Upon graduating, he did some corporate illustrations for companies such as AT&T, Sony Films and the New York Times Book Review. Steve then went on to design buttons that were acquired by the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. He has since published several children's Books. Steve lives in New York City with his family.
Lauren Magaziner

In this hilarious, interactive and puzzle-filled adventure, YOU pick which suspects to interview, which questions to ask and which clues to follow. Can you help Carlos and his friends figure out who's sending the death threats, find a lost treasure and save Las Pistas Detective Agency? Or will it be case closed? You pick the path, you crack the case!
Lauren Magaziner is originally from New Hope, PA and she currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she writes full-time. Lauren is also a secret undercover international detective -- but don't blow her cover. You can visit her online at www.laurenmagaziner.com.
Florence Minor

Tickles the bunny feels left out when her brothers and sisters scamper off to play and she is not invited to come along. Instead, she snuggles under a tree and reads stories from her favorite book about bravery, resilience, agility and cunning. As the day comes to a close, she hears a cry for help and finds her siblings stuck in a log. Because of the tales she's read, Tickles knows how to rescue the others and saves the day. Reading helps Tickles do big things!
Florence and her husband Wendell have been collaborating since moving from New York to Connecticut in 1991. They love creating books that entertain, teach and inspire children. Florence manages all aspects of their busy studio, and authors some of the books that Wendell illustrates. Her current book with Wendell is How to Be A Bigger Bunny. Their next collaboration will feature...you guessed it...animals! Visit Florence on Facebook and Twitter.
Wendell Minor

Rhyming, lyrical text describes the sights and sounds of a nighttime journey from country to city in the 1940s. Largely painted in black and white, breathtaking illustrations feature pops of color as the train and passengers arrive at the station. A nostalgic and innovative choice for readers fascinated by trains.
Renowned for the artwork he has created for over fifty award-winning children's books, Wendell Minor's collaborators have included Jean Craighead George, Charlotte Zolotow, Robert Burleigh, Mary Higgins Clark, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife Florence Minor, among others. The exhibit "Wendell Minor's America" opened at the Heritage Museums & Gardens (Cape Cod) in April and he was honored recently as Artist Laureate by the Norman Rockwell Museum.
Diana Murray

Pizza Pig prides himself on making each customer's pizza just right, so when Turtle won't eat, he must figure out why not. This rhyming story about pizza, compassion and friendship is sure to tickle young readers.
Diana Murray is the author of over a dozen children's books including Grimelda: the Very Messy Witch, City Shapes, Doris the Bookasaurus and Ned the Knitting Pirate. Diana grew up in New York City and still lives nearby with her husband, two children and a bearded dragon who would love pizza topped with crickets.
David Neilsen

When the mysterious Dr. Fell moves into the abandoned house that had once been the neighborhood kids' hangout, he immediately builds a playground to win them over. But as the ever-changing play space becomes more elaborate, the children and their parents fall deeper under the doctor's spell. Only Jerry, Nancy and Gail are immune to the lure of this wonderland and they alone must find a way to uncover the doctor's secret power...
A children's book author and classically-trained actor, David Neilsen works as a professional storyteller based in Sleepy Hollow NY. He spends much of October spooking the bejeebers out of people or performing his one-man shows based on and inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. He lives with his family and two domineering cats in New York's lower Hudson Valley..
Robin Newman

On the grounds of NYC's Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine live three feathered foodies, Phil, Jim and Harry: peacocks! Every day they're fed sunflower seeds. One day, they make a break in search of pizza and Chinese takeout. But everywhere they're told "no peacocks!" So instead they try to get some of the Cathedral School's famous mac 'n cheese. Will they succeed? Based on the three real-life peacocks who live on the Cathedral Close.
Robin Newman was a practicing attorney and legal editor, but she now prefers to write about witches, mice, pigs and peacocks. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College and the CUNY School of Law, she lives in New York with her husband, son, goldfish and two spoiled English Cocker Spaniels. Her books have been recognized and awarded by Kirkus Reviews and the American Bookseller's Association.
Jordan P. Novak

Be A Tree is the delightfully-illustrated story of a young girl who notices the wonderful attributes of trees, and wants to grow up to have those attributes. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of this book will be divided equally between the Arbor Day Foundation and the YanaCocha Rescue Centre in Ecuador.
Jordan P. Novak is the author and illustrator of Mosquitoes Can't Bite Ninjas and illustrator of a philosophy curriculum series by Royal Fireworks Press. A California native, she has decided to live happily ever after in Warwick, NY with her husband, three children and their many, many pets.
Emma Otheguy

As a boy, Jose Marti was inspired by the natural world. He found freedom in the river that rushed to the sea and peace in the palmas reales (royal palms) that swayed in the wind. Freedom, he believed, was the inherent right of all men and women. But his home island of Cuba was colonized by Spain and some of the people were enslaved by rich landowners. Marti took up his pen and fought against oppression through his writings.
Emma Otheguy is the author of the bilingual picture book "Marti's Song for Freedom," about Cuban poet Jose Marti, as well as "Pope Francis: Builder of Bridges" and the forthcoming "Silver Meadows Summer" (2019). "Marti's Song for Freedom" received five starred reviews and was named a 2017 Best Children's Book of the Year by the New York Public Library. Emma lives in New York City, where she is a Ph.D. candidate in History at New York University.
Ammi-Joan Paquette

A magical adventure about a boy named Marty who is devastated when he loses his most precious possession: a memory-packed jacket given to him by his father, who is terribly ill. But Marty has heard the story of the Train of Lost Things, which flies through the sky in the dead of night, collecting the lost heart's possession of children. And so Marty sets off in hope of finding the Train, his jacket and maybe a cure for his father as well.
In her non-writing life, Ammi-Joan Paquette is a senior literary agent with Erin Murphy Literary Agency, representing many top children's and teen authors. She is the recipient of a PEN New England Discovery Award honor and her books have been recognized with starred reviews and on a variety of "Best of the Year" lists.
Matt Phelan

Four little pigs and their parents head outside to enjoy a beautiful day. With a little help from some new (and unexpected) friends, they climb trees, fly kites and enjoy a delicious picnic. Even a sudden rain shower can't ruin their fun. Because rain means ... MUD! Hooray!
Matt Phelan is the award-winning creator of the graphic novels Snow White, The Storm in the Barn, Bluffton and Around the World, plus the picture book Druthers. He has also illustrated many other picture books including Flora's Very Windy Day by Jeanne Birdsall, Marilyn's Monster by Michelle Knudsen and Xander's Panda Party by Linda Sue Park. His most recent books are picture book Pignic and middle grade adventure novel Knights vs. Dinosaurs.
James Preller

The Da Vinci Code…for young readers! When Bigs Maloney finds a secret code, Jigsaw and Mila are on the case, following a series of clues that ultimately lead to a buried treasure.
James Preller lives in Delmar, NY and frequently speaks to young readers and writers around the country. A prolific writer, he is known for his Jigsaw Jones and Scary Tales series, as well as stand-alone titles such as The Bystander, The Courage Test, Better Off Undead and more. His books have been honored as ALA Notable titles and as Junior Library Guild selections, have earned numerous State awards and recognized by New York Public Library.
Anica Mrose Rissi

When Betts meets Aiden at the candy store where she works, their connection is like a sugar rush. Even before they share a first kiss, Betts already knows the two of them are destined to become an "us." Betts has only ever kept one secret from her best friend, Jo, but suddenly there's a long list of things she won't tell Jo - things Jo wouldn't understand because she doesn't see how good Aiden is for Betts. She's wrong. With a love like this, nothing else matters.
As a book editor turned full-time writer, Anica has spoken with kids and adults across the country about all phases of the writing process, from ideas and drafting to revisions and beyond. She tweets about bookish things and about her dog, Arugula, at @anicarissi, which is also her Instagram handle. Anica lives in Princeton, NJ and in her spare time fiddles in the electro-country band Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves.
Isabel Roxas

Sven might be the littlest Viking, but he has no trouble making himself known. He has the loudest warrior cry and the fiercest set of teeth. He loves to pillage and plunder. But there's a new kid in town - a warrior princess, who is smaller and even louder than Sven. What's a little Viking to do?
Isabel Roxas is the littlest of her tribe. She is an artist with a taste for the odd and uncommon and for tales that go awry. She has illustrated several books, including Let Me Finish and A Day in the Market. When Isabel is not crafting pictures and stories, she is making little creatures out of clay. Two of her books have received the Phillipine National Book Award.
Tiffany Schmidt

Merillee Campbell, 16, thinks boys are better in books, chivalry is dead, and there'd be nothing more romantic than having just one guy woo her like the heroes in classic stories. She's about to get the chance to test these daydreams when she, her best friend Eliza and her younger sister, Rory, transfer into Reginald R. Hero High, where all their fantasies come true -- often with surprising consequences.
Tiffany Schmidt grew up in Massachusetts, where she divided her childhood between the library and the time-out chair. She is the author of several popular young adult novels including Send Me A Sign, Bright Before Sunrise, the Once Upon a Crime series and the bookish boyfriend series. A former sixth grade teacher, she now lives in PA with her impish twin sons, their rascally baby brother, a pair of spoiled puggles and her very saintly husband.
Annie Silvestro

The Christmas Tree Who Loved Trains tells the tale of a train-loving pine tree who, with the help of a little holiday magic, learns to love so much more. It's a unique friendship story that shows how the spirit of Christmas can last far beyond the holiday season.
Annie Silvestro is a lover of books who reads and writes as much as possible and can often be found shuffling piles of them around to find a place to sit or to place her teacup. She lives with her family on the New Jersey shore. Her book Bunny's Book Club was named an Amazon 2017 Best Book of the Year and was an Indie Next List pick; Mice Skating was honored by Midwest independent booksellers and on the Midwest Indie Bestseller list for several weeks.
Traci Sorell

We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga is a non-fiction picture book focusing on the universal value of gratitude as expressed by the Cherokee people across four seasons.
Traci Sorell writes fiction and non-fiction picture books and middle grade novels featuring contemporary and compelling biographies. We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga is her debut picture book, and it has received starred reviews from School Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews. Traci is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation and grew up in Northeastern Oklahoma where her tribe is located.
Heidi E.Y. Stemple

A new kid shows up in Vic's class at Monster Academy on the same day the students are doing a Monster Math Graph. Vic doesn't want to be a zero, but his wiggly fang just won't fall out. And will the new student ever say anything besides "no"?
Heidi didn't want to be a writer when she grew up. She worked in criminal justice as a probation/parole officer and a private investigator before finally joining her family in children's literature. Since then she has published more than 20 award-winning books. She lives on an old tobacco farm in western Massachusetts where she writes, reads, cooks, sews and once a year, calls and counts owls for the Audubon Christmas Bird Count.
Hudson Talbott

The story of Thomas Cole, immigrant to America, who regarded the American wilderness as a thing of beauty rather than of fear, creating the first art movement as well as becoming the earliest environmentalist in this country.
Hudson Talbott was born and raised in Louisville, KY and since then has lived in Rome, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, NYC and now, the Hudson Valley. He is the author/illustrator of 25 books, among them one which became a film by Steven Spielberg. Several of his books are in development for television. His books have been awarded a Newbury Honor, named an ALA Notable Book, and River of Dreams, about the Hudson River, was named NY State Book of the Year.
Nancy Viau

Follow a group of children as they first set their eyes on new-fallen snow, rush to pull on their clunky boots and funky hats and scurry outside to a winter wonderland. They make a snowman, an igloo and snow angels, and although tired, find the energy for a friendly snowball fight. When finally they come inside, a peaceful twilight emerges and the kids find themselves tucked into cozy beds, dreaming of more snowfall overnight...
A former teacher and still a kid at heart, Nancy Viau loves to visit schools to share her journey to publication and the writing process. She is employed by the Cape May (NJ) County Library System as an assistant librarian and, when not reading or writing, she travels wherever her frequent flier miles take her.
Joyce Wan

Learn to count from one to five in this rhyming board book featuring colorful disappearing touch-and-feel cupcakes. It's a eye-catching extension of Joyce Wan's adorable cupcake book with delectable spreads of irresistably chubby, yummy characters, including a twirling ice cream cone, a rolling doughnut and lots and lots of cupcakes.
Award-winning author/illustrator Joyce Wan designed her first greeting card when she was in 1st grade for a city-wide contest. She won! Twenty years later that design would inspire a line of greeting cards and a design studio called Wanart, featuring products designed by Joyce and sold in boutiques and gift shops worldwide. Joyce is inspired by Japanese pop culture, modern architecture and happy things. She lives in NJ with her husband and daughter.
Tracey West

Dragon Masters is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line, Branches, aimed at newly-independent readers. In the tenth book, Drake has a strange dream about a Rainbow Dragon trapped in a cave. He wonders if the dream could be real…Is the dragon trying to send for help? Griffith the wizard uses the magical Dragon Stone to find out more -- and a new Dragon Master is revealed! Drake and Ana must travel far in search of the new master and his dragon.
Tracey West is the bestselling author of more than 200 children's books. She currently writes the Dragon Masters series for the Scholastic Branches line, and wrote for the Cupcake Diaries series as Coco Simon. Some fans may know her as the author of books based on cartoons such as Pokemon. Tracey lives in New York's Hudson Valley with her family and a variety of small animals.
Jane Yolen

A gentle tale of a father introducing his daughter to the joys of birdwatching using a "Crow, Not Crow" method for distinguishing birds.
Jane Yolen's first book was sold on her 22nd birthday. 54 years and 365 books later, she is one of the Grand Dames of children's literature. She has written in practically every genre imaginable and for every age from newborns to adults. She lives and writes in western Massachusetts and in Scotland, on her own and with collaborators -- including all three of her grown children. Her works have been honored with the Caldecott, Golden Kite, Nebula, Kerlan and more.